Tocuyeros Boutique Hotel projects an unrivaled experience by overlooking Cusco’s most famous landmarks from a unique vantage point in the historic San Blas neighborhood. Nestled off the busy streets, our contemporary Boutique Hotel retains the privacy of a secluded traditional Casona; a quiet, warm, understated house, surrounded by Peru’s breathtaking mountains. A magical journey awaits.


Each 5-star suites elegantly equipped with a unique combination of a rustic modern décor, designed to capture Peru’s culture in a contemporary light. Find the perfect suite that fits your needs. The comforts of your accommodations will be enhanced by the personalized service from our staff.


“REFUGIO” our reservation only restaurant offers a creative mix of Fusion and Classic Peruvian fare. We favor sourcing locally to ensure freshness and support local communities. Unwind and savor a myriad range of authentic classical dishes to delicious vegetarian options.


Tocuyeros Boutique Hotel is devoted to providing luxury accommodations to best fit your specific needs. We are ideally suited for family reunions, private concerts, corporate retreats, weddings, workshops and other special events. Outside special occasions, our Boutique Hotel can cater to all types of travel plans, ranging from a romantic getaway, a fun reunion with friends, or solo travel.


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Tocuyeros 560 – San Blas – Cusco

+51 84 262 790